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Apache Status Current Time: Thursday, 12-Nov ... " Open slot with no current process. Srv PID Acc M CPU SS Req Conn Child Slot Client ... Milliseconds required to process most ...

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If no value is provided for the number of copies to execute (i.e., neither the "-np" nor its synonyms are provided on the command line), Open MPI will automatically execute a copy of the program on each process slot (see below for description of a "process slot"). How to open iPhone sim slot without its pin/ejector tool ... This video shows how can you open iPhone sim slot when you dont have the iPhone pin handy. I have been doing this once in a while and there is absolutely no damage however try it at your own risk. GetCurrentProcess function (processthreadsapi.h ... A pseudo handle is a special constant, currently (HANDLE)-1, that is interpreted as the current process handle. For compatibility with future operating systems, it is best to call GetCurrentProcess instead of hard-coding this constant value. The calling process can use a pseudo handle to specify its own process whenever a process handle is ...

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“.” Open slot with no current process. Here is an example of the apache scoreboard in WHMCurrent Time: Tuesday, 15-Jul-2014 22:08:36 MST Restart Time: Tuesday, 15-Jul-2014 13:44:12 MST Parent Server Generation: 4 Server uptime: 8 hours 24 minutes 24 seconds Total accesses: 58665... Tens of "Open slot with no current process" | cPanel… I would guess that "Open slot with no current process" means there is child process waiting for someone to connect. This isn't anything to worry about, apache spawns extra child processes before they are needed so there isn't a delay if your site gets hit hard all at once. Apache mpm_event module running out of slots when... |… There is a bug, easy to reproduce, that makes your Apache server run out of slots to attend requests, if you execute an Apache reload (like the logrotate conf that the Ubuntu Apache package has…) some slots become G in the Apache scoreboard, meaningOpen slot with no current process. Огромная общая нагрузка из-за httpd | Форум - Forum