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Interrogation Scene | Video Scripts FADE IN INT - DAY - KITCHEN ROOM A dark room is presented. A bright light turns on revealing JACOB. The camera focuses on JACOB’s distraught face while he grunts. 15 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Casino The infamous "head in a vice" scene is taken from an anecdote in the book Casino unrelated to the main story, describing mob enforcer Tony Spilotro's interrogation of a low-level gangster. Director Martin Scorsese said he created the scene as a sacrifice, certain the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) would insist it be cut. Looking for films with good interrogation scenes. : movies I think the movie "Hard Candy" with Ellen page has kind of a crazy torture-y interrogation type scene iirc. There are loads but those are the ones that are sticking out in my mind for crime/thriller type movies that have some kind of interrogation stuff in them.

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How did Bond's privates survive the torture scene? - CBn Forums Page 1 of 3 - How did Bond's privates survive the torture scene? - posted in Casino Royale (2006): In CR, with all that beating during the torture scene involving Le Chiffre, how did Bond manage to survive and remain fully functional? That must've hurt. I'm sure most men would probably be somewhat inadequate after that thrashing, yet Bond retains his prowess throughout the rest of the film series (assuming CR takes place before Dr No). And had it been Vesper (Eva Green) strap... 2/2 Kylo Ren and Rey interrogation scene from the official The Force ...

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Barbara Palvin goes underwear-free to recreate Sharon Stone's steamy Basic Instinct scene. The model flashes everything as she poses up a storm for LOVE magazine How to Survive a Movie Interrogation Scene - The Ringer Share How to Survive a Movie Interrogation Scene. tweet share Flipboard Email. Ringer illustration. An hour and 45 minutes into Molly’s Game, a movie about a woman who runs a regular poker game ... 360° VR VIDEO - BATMAN vs JOKER - INTERROGATION SCENE ...